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Archive for the ‘SPSC Past Papers’ Category

Answers Keys PCS Screening test

Answer Key/Solution Key for Combined Competitive Examination by spsc

answers keys type paper a b c d

paper type d answers Paper type A Answers paper type b answers paper type c answers

SPSC Headmaster Headmistress Paper


Wednesday, 14th May, 2014.
10:00 a.m. to 12;00 noon Max Marks: 40


01 Write an essay of about 350 words on any of the following topics:

i) Responsibilities of an ideal bureaucrat
ii) Our Society needs more: Religious System/Modern Scientific Technology
iii) A little virtue goes a long way

02 Make a précis of the following passage and suggest a suitable heading:

Whether in public life or in private life, men have toiled throughout ages for the elixir of life. A little wisdom would have shown them its impossibility and its undesirability even if attainable. They wasted their whole lives to get nothing, merely adding little to the accumulated knowledge on the subject many of them without that satisfaction by dying with their secrets. We are men in ordinary life hating each other. If they would only pause a little and each examines himself, he would find that he is no better or no worse than the other man he considers his enemy and they could be better off as friends than as enemies. Wisdom consists is shedding the objectionable parts in one’s attitude and once this has happened there will be harmony and good will. In other words, wisdom is emancipation from the tyranny of narrow minded egotism, pardonable in a child in its helplessness but reprehensible in adults, and in developing impartiality. Is it possible? Yes, it is, and should be. Substitute understanding for hate and it is done. This is not a passive submission, but a passive non-offensive resistance to evil, to achieve maximum effect with minimum effort.

03 Your school is facing acute shortage of teaching staff. Write a Demy Official Letter to the Director School Education, requesting him for providing sufficient teaching staff.

04 Do as directed:

a) Give meaning and use in your own sentences
i) Look down upon
ii) To give oneself airs

b) Write antonyms of the following

i) Lackluster
ii) Harbinger

c) Give the meanings of following one-word substitutions:

i) Phrenology
ii) Vivacious

d) Correct the following sentences

i) Aneela is famous for her womanish modesty
ii) The Prime Minister consulted his confident about this important matter.

e) Give verbs of the following

i) Glorious

ii) Noble

SPSC ASI Past Paper of Sindhi Essay English Essay General Knowledge

Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC

English Essays

1. Global Warming
2. Patriotism
3. Poverty
4. Unemployment
5. Co education
6. Importance of english

Sindhi Essays

1. Mehnat ji azmat
2. Hubbul watani
3. Sachal sarmast
4. Sindh ji sakafat
5. Kitab hik behtareen dost aahey
6. Ittifaq men barkat aahey

General Knowledge

1. Yongtze RIVER
2. Length of wall of china?
3. smallest tenure governor general?
4. founder of nuclear program in pakistan
5. eye is sensitive to which colour?
6. intentional antonym?
7. title of hazrat nooh a.s
8. gathering on arafat on which day?
9. no: of states in u,s
10. red tower is in?

11.kissing of hajre aswad?
12. rajab is month of? many independant countries are there?
14. hardest bone?
15. 17th ammendment
16. silicon valley
17. sudan currency
18. after school, I shall be going to the library? correct or incorrect
19.Nimaz e istaska?
20. calorie?

21.shortest time P.M of Pakistan: General Ayub khan
22.Khateeb ul anbia tiltle
23.Shortest period of Governer General: Iskander mirza
24.Judicial synonyms:Sensible
25.WTO headquarters: Geneva
26. Popular Game of world: Football
27.Children Organization Associated with UNO:UNICEF
28.IRSA abbreviation: Indus…..
29. Correct Sentence: After School I go for study in Library..
30.Incorrect sentence: whom was she to..

31. Eye is sensitive To:

32. Prophet Muhammad went to Miraj for How many times to REquest Allah for reduction of Namaz Timing: 5 time, 6 times, 7 times, 9times

33.Kosovo got independence

34.Yahaya dissolved One unit on

35:dominish synonyms:

36: Founder of Pakistan Atomic program:

37.South Sudan currency:





SPSC Assistant Sample MCQs Past Papers

01. Name the part of speech of each italicized word in the following sentences:
a) After the storm comes the calm.
b) Muslims fast in the month of Ramzan.
c) I will watch while you sleep.
d) Suddenly one of the wheels came off.
02. Supply suitable adjectives:
a) The battle of Waterloo ended in a __________ victory.
b) It is a _________ lie.
c) The injured man wants _________ advice.
d) _________ errors are not easily corrected.
03. Pick the correct sentence from the following:
a) Creation of universe.
b) The creation of the universe.
c) The creation of universe.
d) Creation of the universe.
04. Do as directed:
a) He says _______ he means, and means _____ he says. (Fill the blanks with suitable pronouns.
b) The dog bit the burglar. The burglar had broken into the house. (Join together the two sentences.)
c) The Taj Mahal which was build by Shah Jehan, is the finest mausoleum in the world. (Split the sentence into two)
d) The exhibition was opened by the governor. (Change the voice)
05. Do as directed:
a) I was afraid that if I asked him again he (can, may, might) refuse. (Choose the correct alternative.)
b) I have been working hard _______ arithmetic. (Fill in the blank with suitable preposition.)
c) He is not the man to allow any one to encroach ______ his rights. (Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition)
d) Superstitious fears preyed ________ his mind and made him miserable. (Fill in the blank with suitable preposition.
06) a) Everybody else went down to meet him in the train, but I did not. (Rewrite the compound sentence in simple one)
b) Which is the proper way to answer this question, father? The boy enquired. (change into indirect speech)
c) Alfred was the best king that ever reigned in England. (Change into negative sentence)
d) It is not likely that he will ever see his home again. (Change into affirmative)
07. a) “Go down to the bazaar. Bring me some oil and a lump of ice”. Ordered his master. (Change into indirect speech)
b) The speaker said that it gave him great pleasure to be there that evening. (Change into direct speech)
c) The fox cried out to the goat that a thought had just come into his head. (Change into direct speech)
d) The poor man exclaimed, “Will none of you help me?” (Change into indirect speech)
08. Choose the correct meaning of the idiom “A level playing field”.
a) To do justice
b) To provide equal chances
c) A fair situation
d) To avoid discrimination
09. “Down the drain” means:
a) Extravagant
b) Wasted
c) Spent-thrift
d) Illogical
10. “Under the counter” means:
a) Act secretly
b) To act that is not legal
c) To do favour
d) Partiality
11. “From the bottom of one’s heart” means:
a) Showing deep love
b) With sincere feeling
c) Hidden emotion
d) Fulfilment of desire.
12. Identify one of the underlined words or phrase that should be rewritten or corrected:
The brain is made up of(A) billion of neurons(B) that differ with(C) each other greatly in size and shape.(D)
13. From the underlined words or phrases, identify the one that is not correct.
Men and women in the Peace Corps work(A) with people indeveloping(B) countries to help them improving(C) their living(D) conditions.
14. Choose the definition you believe is closest in meaning with the word “Resplendent”:
a) Many-coloured b) Lustrous and many coloured
c) Famous d) Luxurious
15. Choose the definition you believe is closest in meaning with the word “Flamboyant”:
a) Charming b) Blushing c) Friendly d) Showy or bombastic
16. Choose the definition you believe is closest in meaning with the word “Reprive”:
a) Suspension of a sentence b) The death penalty c)A repeated musical phrase
d) To censure
17. Choose the definition you believe is closest in meaning with the word “Irretrievable”:
a) Extremely valuable b) Damaged c) Full of holes
d) Gone forever
18. Correct the spellings of the following words:
a) Iresponcivnes b) Micelanious
c) Viccisitude d) Amaetor
19. Correct the spellings of the following words:
a) Montainer b) Opressevily
c) Pridestination d) Opprecion
20. Change the following into passive voice:
a) A thunderstorm often turns milk sour.
b) You cannot pump the ocean dry.
c) He promised me a present.
d) One may accomplish many things by a little effort.
21. Change the following into Active Voice:
a) The teacher was pleased with the boy’s work.
b) This question will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow.
c) He will be greatly surprise if he is chosen.
d) The tress were blown down by the wind.
22. I only go for a walk in the mornings. (Choose the sentence which conveys the correct meaning)
a) Nobody else goes for a walk.
b) Only in the morning I go for a walk
c) Only I go for a walk
d) I do not go for a walk in the evenings
23. I will finish my work today. (Choose the sentence which conveys the correct meaning)
a) I will take the whole of today to finish my work
b) I will finish my work before evening
c) I will not work at night
d) I will finish my work before nightfall
24. I have engaged him to act as my _______. (Fill in the blank by choosing the alternative that best completes the sentences.
a) Council b) Councel c) Counsel d) Cancel
25. I purchased a lot of vegetables.(Choose the correct interrogative)
a) How many things did you purchase?
b) What do you purchase?
c) What did you purchased?
d) What did you purchase?
26. The Indus Valley people knew the use of:
a) Gold, silver, copper, bronze but not iron
b) Copper, iron, gold but not bronze
c) Silver, lead, iron but not gold
d) Gold, tin, bronze and not copper
27. Which of the following is incorrect concerning Mohenjodaro?
a) There was no drainage system
b) It was a well-planned city
c) Buildings were varying sites.
d) Bathrooms were important features of most houses.
28. The first Mughal emperor to issue a farman in favour of British to open a factory at Surat was ________.
a) Aurangzeb b) Jehangir c) Akbar d) Shah Jehan
29. The office of Governor General of India was created by ________.
a) Charter Act, 1833 b) Charter Act, 1813
c) Govt of India Act, 1935 d) Govt of India Act, 1858
30. The Cripps Mission visited india in:
a) 1927 b) 1939 c) 1942 d) 1947
31. If the father has blood group A and the mother has blood group O, then which of the following blood groups may be found in their son?
a) O b) A c) B d) AB+
32. The amount of light entering the eye is regulated by:
a) Cornea b) Iris c) Pupil d) Schelra
33. The idea of Vaccination to prevent attack of measles are given by:
a) Alexander Fleming b) John Snow
c) Edward jenner d) Louis Pasteur
34. Barometer was invented by :
a) J.L Baird b) Torricelli c) Watson d) Darwin
35. Microphone is the invention of:
a) Shrapnel b) Berliner c) Bertsch d) Kirchof
36. The mosque of the Prophet (pbuh) was damaged due to the fire in the reign of:
a) Hazrat Amir Muawiyya b) Waleed bin Abdul Malik
c) Marwan d) None of these
37. Israel was the son of:
a) Hazrat Loot AS b) Hazrat Ishaq AS
c) Hazrat Yousaf AS d) Hazrat Ibrahim AS
38. Bait-e-Rizwan was made to take the revenge of:
a) Hazrat Hamza RA b) Hazrat Usman RA
c) Hazrat Ali RA d) Hazrat Umer RA
39. Hazrat Zakriya AS was the contemporary of __________:
a) Hazrat Uzair AS b) Hazrat Younis AS
c) Hazrat Isa AS d) Hazrat Yousaf AS
40. Which prophet has been called as Zun-Noon in the holly Qurran?
a) Hazrat Yousaf AS b) Hazrat Younis AS
c) Hazrat Isa AS d) Hazrat Ibrahim AS
41. What are asteroids?
a) A piece of falling stars b) Rocks found on the moon
c) Very small planets revolving around the sun
d) satellites of other planets
42. Refrigerators:
a) have ice in them, which cools down the temperature
b) work on the principle of compression and expansion of liquids
c) work on the principle of cooling of gases
d) none of these
43. Heat travels from one object to another when the objects have different:
a) Thermal energies b) Specific heats
c) Temperatures d) Heat capacities
44. Sericulture is:
a) Science of the various kinds of serum
b) Artificial rearing a fish
c) Art of silk worm breeding
d) Study of various cultures of a community
45. Our galaxy is:
a) Two-third of universe
b) one-fifth of universe
c) almost the whole universe
d) only the tiny part of universe
46. The security council passed its first resolution on Kashmir on:
a) 07th Jan 1948 b) 10th Jan 1948
c) 17th Jan 1948 d) 27th Jan 1948
47. Which leader of Pakistan held talks on Kashmir with Indian Prime Minister Nehru in 1953?
a) Liaqat Ali Khan b) Khuwaja Nazim uddin
c) H S Suharwardi d) Muhammad Ali Bogra
48. What is the Sir Creek issue between Pakistan and India?
a) Boundary dividing Rajastan and Punjab
b) Issue of boundary line marking Rann of Kutch
c) Line regarding channel of Sir Creek
d) Boundary dividing Rajastan and Sindh
49. Pakistan took the dispute of Baglihar Dam to the World Bank on:
a) 23rd March 2003 b) 17th June 2004
c) 06th Aug 2004 d) 18th Jan 2005
50. On which date, fifty nations signed the charter of UNO in San Francisco?
a) 16th Sep 1944 b) 11th May 1945
c) 26th June 1945 d) 06th Aug 1946.

SPSC Lecturer MCQS Sample Paper

SPSC Lecturer MCQS Paper Sample

01. Nuclear fusion, like nuclear fission:
(A) is a chain process (B) is exoergic
(C) produces several radioactive products ( D) involves isotopes of heavy nuclei
02. Which of the following spectroscopy uses an energy source of around 70ev?
(A) Mass spectroscopy (B) NMR Spectroscopy (C) IR (D) Atomic absorption
03. If coordination number is 6, the radius ratio is:
(A) 0.155 (B) 0.414 (C) 0.225 (D) 0.7071
04. The geometry and type of hybrid orbital present about the central atom in BF3 is
(A) Linear, is (B) Trigonal planner, sp2 (C) Tetrahedral, sp3
(D) Pyramidal, sp3
05. 30 P15 is unstable because:
(A) its n/p ratio is just 1 (B) it is odd-odd nuclear (C) its Z is odd
(D) it is chemical reactive
06. The structure that remains after an acid has given up proton is called:
(A) conjugate acid (B) conjugate base (C) conjugate salt
(D) conjugate proton
07. In HB3 molecule the H-B-H bond angle is 1200. What kind of hybridization is likely?
(A) sp (B) sp2 (C) sp3 (D) sp3 d
08. The circle temperature of water is higher than 02. because the H20 molecules have
(A) fewer electrons than 02 (B) Two covalent bonds (C) V-shape
(D) Dipole moment
09. When a nucleus emits beta particles, the parent and daughter nuclei are:
(A) Isobars (B) Isotopes (C) Nuclear isomers (D) Isotones
10. The uranium-238 decays to thorium-234 process of :
(A) Alpha radiation (B) Beta radiation (C) Gamma radiation (D) Fission
(E) Fusion
11. If pure P orbitals were used in forming the B-F bonds in BF3, angles 900 would be expected. The actual observed bond angle is 1200. What concept might be useful in explaining the observed angles?
(A) VSEPR theory (B) Ligend field theory (C) M.O theory
(D) Hybridization
12. The complexes that contain less than three d-electrons are
(A) stable (B) inert (C) unstable (D) labile
13. A gas is said to behave like an ideal gas when the relation PV/T = Constant. When do you expect a real gas to behave like ideal gas
(A) when the temperature is low
(B) when both the temperature and pressure are low
(C) when both temperature and pressure are high
(D) when the temperature is high and pressure is low
14 Which of the following units represent the largest amount of energy:
(A) Calorie (B) Joule (C) Erg (D) Electron Volt 15 If in the reaction of Flourine-19 with a neutron, nitrogen-16 is formed, what is the other particle given off in the reactions.
(A) 10H (B) 24He (C) 10C (D) 11H
16. When two cubes are pressed over each other they unite to from one cube. Which of the following force is responsible for holding them together:
(A) Vander wall’ s forces (B) Covalent attraction
(C) Hydrogen bond formation (D) Dipole-dipole interaction
17. If P pure orbitals are used in forming the C –H bond in CH4 angles of 900 would be expected. The observed angles are 1090 each. What concept might be useful in explaining the observed angles?
(A) M.O Theory (B) Ligand field Theory (C) Hybridization
(D) Crystal Field Theory
18. The high polymer of Ethylene is known as:
(A) Polytyene (B) Tyrene (C) Tetralene (D) Polythene
19. The formula of potassium cobaltinitrite is:
(A) K2 [ Co (NO)6 ] (B) K3 [ Co (NO2)6] (C) K [Co (NO2)6] (D) K3 [Co(NO)6] 20. An example of a nonstoichiometric compound
(A) Al2O3 (B) Fe3O4 (C) Ni O2 (D) Pbo
21. The radioactivity due to C-14 isotope (half life 6000 yrs) a sample of wood form an ancient tomb was found to be nearly half of that fresh wood. The tomb is therefore about
(A) 3000 yrs (B) 9000 yrs (C) 6000 yrs (D) 12000 yrs
22. Principal quantum number determines how far from the nucleus the
is to be found
(A) proton (B) neutron (C) electron
23. Elements of s-block all have configmations
(A) ns1/ ns2 (B) ns3 / ns4 (C) ns5 ns
24. Bronsted acid is a proton
(A) accept (B) donor (C) none
25. The distance between the two successive crests or two successive troughs is called
(A) wave – length (B) frequency (C) wave number
26. Carbon dioxide molecule has
(A) bent structure (B) triangular structure (C) linear structure
27. Array of points which show how the constituent particles of a crystal areArranged at different sits in 3 dimensional space is called
(A) space lattice (B) lattice array (C) crystal lattice
28. lonic hydrides are formed by elements of
(A) group-III A (B) group-II A (C) group-IA
29. Paramagnetic compounds are
(A) repelled (B) attracted (C) neither of them
30. The compounds having all the electrons paired are called
(A) Ferromagnetic (B) Diamagnetic (C) Paramagnetic
31. At equilibrium at specific temperature, presser exerted by the liquid is called
(A) Gaseous pressure (B) Vapour pressure (C) Solid pressure
32. A subtituent effect on an organic compound due to the permanent polarity of the group is called
(A) inter pair effect (B) induective effect (C) chelate effect
33. An orbital which possesses lower energy than alomic orbitals from
which it is formed is called
(A) Anti bonding (B) bonding (C) Addition
34. PH is the logarithm of the reciprocal of the
(A) hydrogen ion concentration (B) phosphorous ion concentration
(C) phosphine ion concentration
35. A lewis structure is a representation of a molecule that shows the disposition of
(A) valence protons (B) valence electrons (C) valence neutrons
36. The hydrogen bond has
(A) electrostatic nature (B) neutral nature (C) coordinate nature
37. The function of the nerve cell is:
(A) to transmit message (B) to feel things (C) to give but body poison
(D) to give activity of flesh
38. Man differs from birds in that man has:
(A) a four-chambered heart (B) hair (C) warm blood (D) a cerebrum
39. A radio signal will travel around the earth (in a great circle ) in about
(A) I Second (B) l/7 Second (C) 2 days (D) instantly
40. We can see most objects because they:
(A) reflect light (B) emit light (C) absorb light (D) refract light
41. Acupuncture is technique practiced by:
(A) Indian yogis (B) Indonesian witch doctcrs (C) Chinese medicine men
(D) Russian surgeon
42. What are hormones?
(A) the happy looking and living among the men (B) secretions of liver
(C) secretions of ductless glands (D) the bone marrow
43. Ajnadayn is located in:
(A) Egypt (B) Iran (D) Palestine
44. Hazrat Bilal (RA) was liberated by Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA). Amir bin
Faheera was set free by:
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) (B) Hazrat Umar (RA) (C) Hazrat Usman (RA)
(D) Hazrat Ali (RA)
45. The Battle of Yermuk was fought during the caliphate of
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) (B) Hazrat Umar (RA) (C) Hazrat Usman (RA)
(D) Hazrat Ali (RA)
46. The battle of Safeen was fought in 37 A.H between Hazrat Ali (RA) and:
(A) Kharjis (B) Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair (RA) (C) Hazrat Muamwia (RA)
(D) Hazrat Aisha (RA)
47. The only Indian on the Viceroy Lord Mountbatten’s staff was:
(A) Abul Kalam Azad (B) V.P Menon (C) Ghaftar Khan
48. The whole of Govt: of Indian Act or 1935 came into operation in provisional part:
(A) 1935 (B) 1936 (C) 1937
49. Give the name of the author of “the last days of United Pakistan”
(A) G.W Chaudhary (B) Herbert eldman (C) Anwar I I . Syed
(D) I.H Qureshi
50. The first amendment to the Constitution of 1973 which allowed every
Citizen o form a political party was passed in the year of:
(A) 1973 (B) 1974 (C) 1975 (D) 1976