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Islamic Studies MCQs Notes

Comprehensive Collection of Islamic Studies,Islamiat,Islamyat MCQs Notes for Preparation of Examinations Like Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC,Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC,Balochistan Public Service Commission BPSC,Khyber Pakhtunkhaw Pulic Service Commission KPPSC,Azad Jamu & Kashmir AJKPSC, National Testing Service of Pakistan NTS,Pak Army,Navy,PAF,ISSB,Quiz,Tests,Questions with Answers


  1. Islamic Studies MCQs Notes for CSS PMS NTS SPSC
  2. Islamic Studies Quiz
  3. Notes on Hadith
  4. Important Events in the History of Islam Month Wise
  5. MCQs Questions Answers About Fast and Hajj
  6. MCQs Notes on Islam Namaz Zakat
  7. Solved Objective Notes on Ghazwat of Islam Battels of Islam
  8. MCQs about All Prophets of God
  9. Notes on Prophets of Islam
  10. General Knowledge of Islamiat About the Sahaba Karam Companions of Prophet
  11. Important MCQs Notes About the Holy Quran
  12. Information about Umat Ul Momineen the Wives of The Holy Prophet
  13. MCQs Notes with Questions Answers About the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH